Is the product certified organic?

There is currently no standard for certifying fish products as organic. So, there is no way for ANY marine collagen product to be certified as “organic.” It’s impossible because there is NO USDA Standard.

However… Frustrating as this may be, The Truvani Standard is to go above and beyond anyway. When it comes to sourcing – and testing – we choose the highest quality ingredients. Always.

Our Marine Collagen comes from wild-caught deep-sea fish off the coast of France and from the waters surrounding Iceland as well as the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and other, cold, Northern waters.

We test each source for mercury, lead, and other heavy metals – before it even gets to our facility. Then we test our formula in-house and send the final product out for 3rd-party testing.

This is how we ensure our product is safe and contains no harmful contaminants.

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